Access to Farm Loans

Tweedie Capital has access to highly competitive rural loans for farms and agribusinesses. We can source agricultural debt finance from both Australian and international sources. While there are no guarantees, we generally find that our clients can get a better combination of interest rates and terms from our finance providers.


The reason we can source such good deals is that we are completely independent. Banks and finance companies are tied to their sources of funds, so they don't have a lot of room to manoeuvre. We aren't tied to anybody, so we can constantly review the market to identify the best loans available.

We have strong relationships with the major lenders in the rural finance arena. Many years of experience working with farmers and bankers in rural Australia has positioned us to be able to identify the best farm loans for the particular circumstances of our clients.

We can source finance to:

  • Refinance your existing farm loans;
  • Acquire new agricultural properties;
  • Expand your existing agribusiness or improve farm infrastructure.

Please contact us for an obligation-free discussion, to assess whether we might be able to get you a better deal than your current loan, or source debt finance to help you expand.


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